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nuova beta 0.8 c' anche per Mac
- 17 Febbraio 2007

Rilasciata la versione beta 0.8 di Joost, disponibile per la prima volta anche per piattaforma Mac Intel.

Migliorata ulteriormente la qualità video grazie al nuovo CoreAVC Video decoder e aggiunti nuovi contenuti:

* Documentaries from National Geographic;
* Loud noise and fast cars from the Indy Racing League;
* Healthy living programming from Lime;
* A variety of reality series in the Lazy TV channel from Endemol;
* Cartoons like Rocky and Bullwinkle in Saturday Morning TV (Classic Media);
* A lineup of independent film makers from IndieFlix;
* More reality TV with the Bridezillas series from September Films;
* Video gaming tricks and reviews form Gamestar;
* Comical, irreverent and edgy programming from Bite TV
* And cool new Bollywood music videos from Savvn.